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stormwater compliance


Baum Environemntal Group is a full-service consulting and contracting firm serving the residential and commercial industries. Specializing in stormwater and sanitary permitting at an affordable rate, while also providing ongoing compliance requirements. These include, but are not limited to, stormwater inspections, erosion control installation and maintenance, Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) and local clearing permits. Stormwater permitting plans and compliance reports are being rigorously enforced and only add to the functions of running a construction project. We strive to assist contractors with environmental tasks to free them of additional duties, paperwork and stress.  Baum will permit the site, develop your SWPPP and submit all required paperwork to the corresponding agencies in a timely manner.   


There is a wide variety of erosion control products available and we can provide many items such as silt fencing, hydroseeding, wattles, erosion eels, concrete washouts and many other items. We also have the capability to print and scan plans. Let us be your one stop shop for all you stormwater and erosion control needs. 




Enviroscore is an innovative product that provides a score of your business or location to predict environmental risk. Like a credit score, it is a predictor of potential risks and is used in a variety of industries and applications. The EnviroScore ranks sites from 0-100 (100 being excellent) to make it easy-to-understand and provide practical ways to manage risks. Research analytics and data scores have replaced lengthy and overly technical reports. Enviroscore provides a less expensive due diligence tool that can be applied to any type of risk review for commercial bank loans. 


No other service can provide a simplified environmental risk score or provide the quality of service for less than half the price and in half the time of Phase I environmental reviews. No more trying to interpret technical data and review mounds of reports. Just get the score, the Enviroscore. Environmental risk has just become simplified!


erosion control


Silt Signs is a patent-pending service and contracting company whose goal is to provide the reduction or elimination of silt fencing installation costs for government and private sector projects. This is achieved by implementing temporary advertising on the required erosion control that is present on the site. This allows us to manage and control sedimentation from leaving the site with reduced to no-cost for the contractor. This innovative approach combines advertising and erosion control to eliminate spending thousands of dollars for erosion control while adhering to permit regulations. 


green infrastructure


Greenroads360 works under the philosophy that we can build infrastructure as green as possible. Taking a Greenroads360 approach is to ensure the construction process is as sustainable as possible and working towards zero waste from inspection to maintenance and operations. Baum merges this concept with its process programs and management of contracting and services to assist infrastructure projects in meeting these goals.





Best Inspection Management Protocol Pro (BMIPPRO) is a stormwater management tool for site inspections that is currently under development. Stormwater Compliance record retention has always been a complicated and paper-heavy requirement from the EPA and DEQ. BIMP was created with that in mind, to ensure businesses can retrieve their records at any time. BIMP makes stormwater compliance easy with a mobile application that you can use on the job site. With BIMP you can complete, retrieve, edit and/or archive site records at any time.



Whether you are building a new home or just remolding an older home, certifying your home as green leads to lower energy bills and healthier living. Through research and technology, we have found that old standards require new ways of thinking. We have become more aware of the environment and our surroundings and how it affects us in our daily lives.    


It is vital to have your project reviewed by a national certification program to ensure that you get the credit for going green. By doing this, you will save money on operations, get the recognition of having a green home and increase the resale value of your home. Remember, verification cannot be performed post construction and must coincide with the remodel or building process. We offer green verifications, energy star reviews and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) third-party reviews, such as RES checks and open wall insulation inspections as opposed to blower door tests. 

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